I'm Ready to Change!
"I finally feel like me again"

Your au-mazing child doesn’t mean the death of your dreams. Let me show you how to regain your hopes, get your life back and finally view autism as a gift.

Hi, I'm Dr. Ali 
It took me 8 years to escape the overwhelming feelings of having a child with autism. Anger, guilt, embarrassment, depression and even denial. But once I truly learned how to embrace my au-mazing child, Zachary, I regained control of my life, my dreams and happiness for both of us. And now I want to show you how to do the same.
I'm Ready to Change

It’s normal for every mom to carry hopes and dreams of a “perfect” child. 

Perhaps one that’s popular at school, socially active, gets top grades, finds a partner, goes to college, gets married, has their own kids and gets a high paid high status job.

Sound familiar?

Like most autism moms, for a while it seemed like my own child was on track to achieve this.

He was developing “normally”. Crawling, cooing and running around our house. He seemed like every other kid, free of any care in the world.

But slowly, things started to change…

Friends brought their kids over to play, but instead of joining in, Zachary sat all by himself. They would call out “Zachary” but he wouldn’t respond and I’d be forced to say something like “he doesn’t normally do this” even though everyone in the room knew from my face it wasn’t true.

Instead of playing with his toys, he started lining them up one by one and looked at them just from the corner of his eyes.

His running turned into twirling and spinning and when I would pick him up to stop him, he cried and pulled away from being touched.

Most of us have gone through this part. Where for months you try to avoid the growing number of signs that something isn’t quite right, until one day you no longer can.

Delivered in a letter was something I’d already known for a while, but chose not to really see. 

Printed in BOLD black ink on crisp white paper......

Diagnosis: Autism

In one 6 letter word the realization hit that I might have to care for Zachary for the rest of my life. That he might never be able to talk, say "I love you", have his first kiss or go to college and become successful in life.


Seeing the letters on paper, felt like the DEATH of my "normal" child.


The need to provide constant care and attention. The loss of any free time, and the shattering of any hopes of a “normal life” - gone. POOF! Just like that!

In that moment, what was meant to be one of the happiest times for any mom, seeing their child grow up, felt more like a “life sentence”.


And it didn’t stop there. A flurry of feelings soon followed. 

Couldn’t this all be just one big mistake? 
This happens to other people, but not to ME?!?.
Maybe I can get a second opinion…a different doctor.

I tried to tell myself I was STRONG, that these kind of feelings would go away. 
And 8 years later they eventually became less intense, but at first they got stronger and I spiraled out of control with these feelings.

As Zachary grew older I started spending hours on Google and in all my textbooks searching for answers about autism.

Not me turned into why me?
And as he aged, I could no longer escape the “a” word. The challenges became REAL.

Autism comes in so many forms. For some moms it can mean getting that call from school saying your child was disruptive...or even coping with physically aggressive behavior.

For me, a sense of anger brewed that I was giving up my own dreams and desires but mixed with guilt that I was feeling this way because deep down I still loved him with all my heart.

As my life continued, I went on smiling on the outside, while at the same time hiding my struggles on the inside.
The story changed but the feelings remained.

Like feeling convinced that I was under a microscope and being judged or watched by the world because Zachary did things differently than other kids around him.

Or that lingering sense of dread if he got invited to a birthday party because I knew that even hearing a "happy birthday" song would put him in sensory overload and other parents might see me as the “odd mom out”. 

I hoped one day I might just SNAP OUT of this nightmare, but 8 years later I still couldn't say Zachary and "autism" in the same sentence.  And when I had no choice but to say “my son has autism”, people would shuffle around awkwardly from the lack of confidence in my voice, and had no idea how to respond back. 

The point is it’s easy to fall into this trap of viewing autism as a curse unless you learn to look much deeper and find the gifts in it. Over years, the mindset of wanting to hide your child from the world can develop, and...well seem “normal”.

If you’re reading this, you can probably relate to what this feels like.
But I’m here to show you there IS A BETTER WAY. 

A way to take back CONTROL.

A way to wake up feeling POSITIVE every single morning no matter how challenging your au-mazing child can be to care for.

A way to get the SPARK back in your life, feel like you used to, and make time for yourself once again.

A way to control tricky situations to your choosing, stop worrying about others’ opinions, and get the confidence to say loudly and proudly how AU-MAZING your child is.

A way to build a DEEP and SPECIAL bond by recognizing gifts you never even noticed they had.

A way to REGAIN your life, REGAIN your hopes, and REIGNITE YOU… the REAL YOU.

It took me 8 years to realize that *I* had to choose to actively do something about it. 

The strange thing was that in my day job as a speech pathologist and audiologist I was already helping other people to change the way they communicate and think ...but not myself.

So I decided enough was enough. 

I researched, tested and invested in all kinds of exercises, mental frameworks and strategies to make the change I so desperately needed.

Some tasks were simple, like taking 10 minutes a day to write down the things that made me proud about Zachary. Others were more complicated, like creating a reliable support network.

But when I started taking these steps, the results were LIFE CHANGING.

The very things I used to hate about autism turned into things I learned to LOVE and appreciate.

I began proudly sharing that my son has autism, and talking openly not only about the challenges we were rising to, but all the achievements he was making. His progress at school, his growing ability to interact with others and his confidence to speak out.

I felt FREE to open myself up to others, become less tired and start enjoying every moment with my son. 

I even noticed that when Zachary started seeing the change in me he began fostering his own dreams like of travelling the world. 

I began to think about myself again. My own gifts, purpose, goals and career, and spent less time worrying about opinions of other people.

In fact I felt like the new and improved version of ME!

As my confidence grew and I began to connect with more autism moms, I realized something. 

It wasn’t just me that felt this way, but there were thousands of others stuck in the same place I was.

So I took everything I learned from the 8 years I spent in the shadows of autism.

I mixed it with my 20 years experience as an audiologist and speech pathologist.

I followed up with my own research by connecting to hundreds of other autism moms.

I collated every method that got results then simplified it into 4 easy to follow videos. 

And then I created my own signature program so no-one else has to fight this battle alone ever again.

You can learn everything that took me 8 years to overcome, and apply it within weeks.


The complete video training program to regain your long lost dreams, get your life back and finally embrace autism as a gift in your life.

Lisa Nichols
Motivational Speaker, Coach & Mentor

"Dr. Ali is one of the most reliable, resilient, determined women professionals and entrepreneurs. She is one of those individuals that her word is her bond and she is literally the person that is at the top of my list to come through for anything. So, if you’re looking for someone to help you deliver results, have a powerful impact, and serve people to a whole new level, Dr. Ali is your girl."

Leslie- Ann Bolden
PH.D, Autism Mom

“I am glad I followed her professional advice because I see exactly what she has said coming to pass-- he is achieving his milestones, just at a different time. I am thankful to Dr. Griffith and for her professional expertise. She says in her book to, "Listen to that voice inside of you" and I am glad I did. Thank you."

Within weeks of taking this program, and applying the lessons, you’ll learn:

To build a positive mindset and a unique connection with your child by celebrating all the wonderful gifts and talents they have

To gain power over others’ opinions about your child (this particularly helps if you’re prone to feeling anxious when in public with your child)

To automatically look for the positives in otherwise stressful everyday situations, to become more relaxed and “feel more you”

To build a cast iron support network from your friends and family that allows you to regain your freedom, hopes, long lost dreams and never feel alone

To become fearless at standing up for yourself and speaking honestly in order to finally take back control of your life again

To discover where you’re currently at on the road to embracing autism, the 4 key steps most people go through before acceptance and how to use it to understand why you’re feeling the way you do
To completely reignite the way you communicate with your child. I’ll use my experience as an audiologist and speech pathologist to teach you how to become a better listener so that you understand what your child is really trying to convey and how to get their attention (the video features a special guest - my son Zachary!)

“Just used the techniques & tools I've learned in class to score both a pretty huge victory for my au-mazing gift & an amazing opportunity for myself. Thanks to the skills that I've learned throughout the class, I managed to not only increase the amount of inclusion my son gets at school, but will be getting to observe things that will help with my own education as I work towards my ultimate goal of being a social worker/advocate for other autism families in my local area”

Katelyn Graham, Autism Mom

“I want to thank you for reminding me of my strengths. I almost lost myself throughout this transition! I have a long history of empowering and advocating children! The positive energy you pass along is amazing! I definitely needed positive vibes! Once again thank you!

 Kim Solito, Autism Mom

My Au-mazing Gift includes:

THE TRAINING PROGRAM! With 4 simple to follow 15-20 minute videos packed to the rim with detailed, actionable content! You’ll learn over 10 different key strategies to leave you feeling connected, empowered and ready to see your au-mazing child in a whole new light.

ACCOUNTABILITY! After every lesson, it’s important to make sure you apply what you learned. So as a bonus, I’ve included an 18 page e-workbook filled with worksheets and activities to do as you go. Taking ACTION is how you take back control!

SUPPORT! I know this transformation can be challenging and doesn’t happen overnight, so I’ll make sure you have the perfect support network to succeed! 

1) You get access to a private Facebook community with like-minded autism moms that you can use as a safe space to privately share concerns, challenges and WINS. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask any questions and keep up to date with new autism parenting tips!

2) 3 months complimentary access to a monthly group coaching call. Every month we’ll pick a topic from the course and have an exclusive 60 minute webinar addressing it in detail. This is your chance to learn from others and share your own experiences.

Start embracing your au-mazing child

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An Au-mazing Guarantee

Try My Au-mazing Gift for a full 30 days, completely risk free

I’m so confident that my program has the power to leave you feeling more CONNECTED to your au-mazing child, more EMPOWERED and more YOU, that I provide a cast-iron 30 day money back guarantee.

You can try the entire video training course. You have 30 days to integrate everything you learn from it into your life and if you aren’t 100% happy with the results I’ll insist on giving you a full refund.

Try it yourself and decide if it’s right for you. If you find it’s not, simply send me an email showing that you did the work and I’ll issue your refund right away.

Start embracing your au-mazing child

Gain Instant Access for $97

What could the future feel like to you?


Even with all the daily struggles that can unfold, every mom loves their child unconditionally. But here’s a truth not many people realize: In order to give the best possible care for your child, you have to give the best possible care for yourself.


Feelings are infectious. When you’re happier, they become happier too, it’s just a case of breaking that cycle which is something you have to choose to do.


If you’re on the fence about joining, I want you to think about this:


When you wake up next week, you CAN choose to feel proud of all the unique gifts you never even realized your child has rather than feeling anxious that your child hasn’t hit the milestones that others have.


This weekend, you CAN choose to use your child's favorite toys to build a special and deep connection, rather than feeling frustrated that whatever you try to do they still only eat certain foods and play with certain toys.


Tomorrow you CAN start building a support network to regain your life, make more “me” time and start believing in yourself rather than feeling alone and exhausted from the latest “morning meltdown”


And today, if you let me, I will help you embrace your au-mazing child like never before. I’m so confident this will work for you that there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. I’m taking all the risk.


All that’s left is to believe in yourself.


I’m ready to start a new exciting au-mazing journey, are you?


Gain Instant Access for $97
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